Welcome to a world of fine wine at grocery store prices. Did you know that wine now outsells beer in the United States? Many people don’t really know the difference between fine wine and a mass-produced wine. We’ve found a monthly wine club that has an educational backbone to help you learn what good wine truly is. This company is different. Currently available in the US and the UK, you have now come across the best wine club out there. This club provides a truly magical fine wine experience at a great price.

Many people only think there is just white wine and red wine, and there are so many varietals available around the world that they never even know exist, much less get to taste. Especially when paired with a great meal, this high-quality wine becomes a magical experience for the holidays and really any time of year. And this wine is literally picked from among the best in the world by a sommelier, who is an expert professional who literally lives for wine. He is the wine whisperer and he picks out the most amazing great tasting wine one could ever expect to drink.

grocery store prices

Here are a couple of examples:

Poggio Al Corso — Italy
2016 Inzolia IGP Terre Siciliane

Italy combines a great respect for tradition yet has an innovative and exciting approach to wine. With a wide palette of soils, climates and grape varieties, they produce wines with precision and passion. Poggio al Corso is part of an newer approach from the Sicily area. It is hot and sunny and has rich culinary traditions. Rich and full-bodied flavors of wine have been produced here since the Greek and Roman times.

Sicily is now home to more vineyard land than any other region in Italy with an amazing quality being produced in great quantity. This particular wine is made from the Inzolia grape, which is a staple in the Italian wine-making industry. It makes a spicy and rounded with a fruit Meyer lemon and apple finish. Crisp and refreshing with a distinct Sicilian flavor. Pairs well with white meats, seafood, salad, or even just by itself. Trust me, I know from experience, this is an amazing wine you don’t want to miss.

Brady — Woodinville, Washington
2013 Brady’s Blend Red Wine Columbia Valley

This is a versatile wine that goes well with grilled pork loin or roasted chicken, and again even just by itself. The Yakima Valley now produces a Syrah wine that has become a staple to the Washington wine industry. This Syrah blend is produced from the three main red grapes of Spanish origin, Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Monastrell, along with the Primitivo. This makes an incredible combination with subtle depth and richness alongside a soft ripeness of black cherry, red current, and black tea.

There is also a complexity of black fruit and pepper of Syrah, Ganacha’s spice and raspberry, Monastruell’s earthy tone, and a Zinfandel-like smooth finish. Originally found in the northern Rhone region of France, these flavors are now created in the Yakima Valley of Washington. Again, trust me, this wine is delicious in every sip, as I have enjoyed it on several occasions.

Courtesy, Wine Whisperer

grocery store prices

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