Room for Althea Anderson

chapter 3

The Duality

I learned about the duality young in life, while again still in my crib. I was presented two visions — one of goodness and one of evil. Once you hear of this, you may think it a dream, yet I know it was not. It is too omnipresent in my mind still today. I even remember remembering the occurrence when I was 5. I know I was 5 because it was my fifth birthday party. Today, I live life in the middle of this duality, as we all do, perhaps more skewed toward one side or the other.

While in my crib, I looked up in front of me at the corner of my room where I sensed this bright light shining. I felt warmth, love, God. My vision was of Monarch butterflies as they covered trees in the forest,one atop another protecting each other. I felt complete compassion and acceptance, at a pre-verbal level of course. The peace and love is something I have only a few times again during my life so far. It was a miraculous vision, golden light everywhere. Warmth and love abounding.

Quite suddenly, a darkness settled in. A deep darkness that had depth and a coldness to it. The butterflies were gone. I looked out to the right side of my crib. My left side was against the wall, and noticed something coming out of this darkness. It’s features came at me slowly while I innocently tried to make out its form. As it drew nearer, I saw growling bared teeth, black hair, and red eyes with the body of a black wolf making a beeline to my soul. It continued to growl at me in a deeper and deeper resonating tone. This thing meant to destroy me, take my life. I bloody screamed a curdling noise, the loudest scream that a baby in a crib could make. I was literally horrified to the depth of my being. It was true fear. My mother heard my scream and came to my aid as fast as she ever had. When she opened the door, she turned the light on, and to my huge relief, the monster disappeared.I have never seen the duality since, but I have felt the peace and love of God at least twice again in my life.

As I mentioned previously, I experienced this duality in a pre-verbal sense. It has only been over the years that I realized the monarch butterflies represented God and that the monster represented something evil and destructive, the true name of which I do not know, nor will I speak. What I do know now is that the monster was what is called a Hell Hound. He had come to collect my soul. I get chills to this day when I think of this experience.