This is the first installment of fiction called
Room for Althea Anderson

Shortly After Birth

The very, very first thought I had was, “Oh no, not here again!” I could see the white ceiling and light blue walls surrounding me. Then, the bars, those crib bars that I would look through for the next months of my life. I could see that the room was junky. A piano seemed to have been thrown next to my crib and a desk had been dropped over there in the corner. Looking back on it, the Sesame Street song lyrics, One of these things is not like the other, now resonates in my mind. This room was not meant for me or I was not meant for it, buy either way, it was a temporary storage place, as if I was almost an afterthought and not planned for. I was the thing that was not like the other items in the room. And I was here, reincarnated back into this life with these people who were my family. And I wasn’t all that happy about it for some reason. I wasn’t sure why.

Meanwhile, my family was out and about in the house and outside of the house. Little did I know that I would inherit five parents. Not literally, of course. I actually had three half-sisters who had been adopted by my mom years after their mom was killed immediately upon impact of a fast and veering car that was under the direction of a drunk driver. My dad and their mom were on the way to a Christmas party when the accident occurred. My sisters’ mom died upon the impact of being thrown through the front car window. Our dad survived but had to have bone transplanted from his hip into his right arm with a rod in place to stabilize the injury so that the bone could grow properly.

As I grew, I quickly picked up on the vibe that I wasn’t supposed to be here, on this earth. The accident wasn’t supposed to happen. My sisters’ mother wasn’t supposed to die that way. My mom wasn’t supposed to have children. She had been married to my dad for 5 years. She was told by the doctor that she would never give birth to a baby. Yet, there I was, in 1968 born to a mother who was considered to be too old to have a baby at 40 years old. They squeezed me into the family. Thus was to be the background of my life for better and for worse.

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