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Thank goodness for babies! My name is Leslie Jones, and I am the owner-manager of Rubbertoes Baby. If you are like me, babies and children keep us grounded by giving us purpose. They also give us the gift, responsibility, and joy of having someone to love. Very often, they even make us laugh by the way they interpret life’s events and situations.

Rubbertoes Baby is a hub that was created to provide a pleasant and efficient one-stop shopping experience for moms and dads, step-parents, grandparents, foster families, adoptive parents, friends of the family, and anyone else who wants to help provide for the many needs of newborns through age 2 toddlers. We specialize in clothing for all occasions; supplies such as diapers and wipes, as well as more unique items; and baby art and room decor. Our goal is to help you take the best possible care of your children. We want to make sure you feel that you have been heard and taken care of because you know you can find what you need here at Rubbertoes Baby. We built our company from the ground up while thinking about the needs of our customers. Your satisfaction is what makes our business grow!

At Rubbertoes Baby, we also care about relieving child and family hunger. Early nutrition greatly affects how a child’s brain develops. And a child’s parents or other caretakers must be nourished as well. For this reason, at least once or twice a year, we run a food drive for our local ACTS (Action in Community through Service) food bank.

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We want to hear from you! If you have any questions, problems, comments, compliments or suggestions, PLEASE feel free to send us an email. We’re always here to help. Remember: Your feedback helps us to better help you AND your child!


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As a mom of three, I know how time seems to fly by as your little one grows, which is why we offer all of the essentials from clothing to diapers, toys, and art supplies in one place so you can spend as little time as possible worrying about stocking up on supplies, and more time enjoying these amazing years with your baby. Choose from the highest quality clothing, diapers, bath, skin care products, and accessories to help your child grow and develop as well as possible.


Have you always wanted to try natural diapers (or do you currently use them)? Well, here is your chance to get some for free! Try Natural Diapers for Free! As a parent, whether your child is a newborn baby or toddler, you know the vast amount of supplies you need to care for them. From the basics like wipes and diapers to bath products, skin care, bibs, pacifiers and teething toys, it can seem a bit overwhelming to start searching for all the things you are going to need. That’s why we have all of your essentials right here in one helpful place! Here at Rubbertoes Baby you’ll find everything you need, whether you’re stocking up on the staples or looking for a baby shower gift.

Keep your baby cozy and warm with the softest blankets and swaddling clothes to encourage soft slumber and sweet dreams. In countless styles, colors and sizes to choose from, you’ll find just what you need! When your little one starts teething, you’ll want rings and toys to help soothe the ache and distract them from the discomfort, as well as pacifiers to keep them busy. Stop into Rubbertoes Baby to grab all the newborn supplies you need.

Read to Your Child

It’s never too early to start reading to your children. Some moms and dads even read to their babies before birth. The rhythm is soothing and exposes babies to the cadence of human speech and the patterns of language, regardless of the particular language being spoken.

Reading to children at bedtime, especially to toddlers, sets a healthy habit of slowing down and listening to their caretaker’s voice, which can soothe children and relax them as they transition to a good night of sleep. This process is also a step towards learning to read. If children know that their moms and dads or other family members value reading, then those children will most likely develop the same appreciation of reading. The value of reading is priceless as our little ones grow into school-age children and beyond. Start them early on this productive path. Pick a book. Stock a book shelf and let them play with the books. Let them pick out bedtime stories. They will remember these pleasant experiences for a lifetime.


As a parent of small children you know that the number of outfit changes can really add up, and how helpful it is to be stocked up on the essential baby clothes at all times. Whether it’s the unexpected spit-up or accident, having outfit changes on standby can be a life saver. Here at Rubbertoes Baby we carry all things clothing for little ones ranging from newborn through toddlerhood. We want to help you ensure your children are as comfortable and clean as a whistle at all times.


Of course, in the summertime, or even for indoor swimming, or swimming lessons any time of year, bathing suites are a necessity. No matter the season or weather, you’ll find all of the outfit essentials for your little one right here. With the best selection of styles, brands and sizes for you to choose from, you can find something for every little boy or girl. From basics like bodysuits and onesies to the coziest pajamas, we have all of your newborn clothing needs covered. Find tops, tees, pants, dresses, jeans, socks and even shoes and slippers in multiple styles and sizes. From lightweight cotton materials for the warmer summer months to warmer fleece and soft baby flannel for the cooler winter months, we have all of your bases covered.

With the rapidly growing little bodies babies have, sometimes it seems difficult to stay on top of their ever-changing clothing size needs. That’s why we carry everything for you in one convenient place. In one stop you can stock up on anything from outfit essentials to socks, shoes and even outerwear! Rubbertoes Baby carries the cutest and most diverse collection of clothing for newborns and toddlers for you to choose from, so take a look through our stock and find everything you need to keep your baby comfortable and cute at all times.

Baby Art and Nursery Decor

Research has been done to help us understand the basics of child development, and what they’ve found is that it’s extremely beneficial to create a stimulating space for your baby’s senses. Newborn babies can sense color and shape contrast very early on, and respond very strongly to vibrant color. Studies suggest keeping your walls a muted, soft color to keep your little one relaxed and prevent them from being overwhelmed, and incorporate a few vibrant and colorful pieces to stimulate them. Here at Rubbertoes Baby we carry all kinds of wall art from posters to framed art work designed to not only match your styles and themes, but to help with your baby’s development.

When you have a newborn, decorating and personalizing your child’s nursery can be not only fun to do, but can also have multiple benefits for your little one. It’s an important rite of passage for a parent who is preparing for the arrival of a little one to get to plan and take part in setting up a nursery. There are many important factors to consider when setting up a nursery. You may want to have a cute space that you enjoy or a more relaxing feel for the room. Instead, you may want a very stimulating room in which your child can play. Here at Rubbertoes Baby we have all kinds of wall art, room decor, and even furniture to choose from to decorate your baby’s or child’s space to reflect their interests and personality, as well as pieces that can help stimulate their development.

Room Decorating

There are multiple approaches to decorating a child’s room. You may find that the youngest babies are able to see high-contrast colors, such as black and white, more easily than they see muted colors. Older children, such as toddlers, are stimulated by bright, bold colors like red, blue, purple, or orange. The art work in a child’s room is important in this way, though not all parents and caretakers realize it. Any of the art pieces below would provide positive perception experiences by helping to further early childhood development. Art can vary greatly in price range, but their true value lies with the beholder.

When it pertains to a child’s room, color and style are essential to creating the perfect sleeping and playing areas. You want a balance of soothing colors to create a relaxing and comfortable space, but also something that can stimulate their minds. Start with quality wall décor items that also double in function as developmental pieces for your baby. Rubbertoes Baby offers you all you need for boys, girls, and mixed baby rooms that will keep up with a theme you envision.

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