Get Out of Your Cubicle and into Your Life 2

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Hi! My current 9-5 job recently moved me into literally a cubicle that is about 2.5 feet wide. Now, first, I have a hard time believing that this meets the job safety standards set by OSHA. Regardless, however, it has been detrimental to my body. I’ve had back spasms for three weeks. They are getting better, but have not gone away, and are still painful–even with Advil, muscle relaxers, and salon pas! Anyway, I had to work from home some and take some time off as well.

I’ve been in transition for some time now, going from my 9-5 job into my online marketing job. I want to do my rubbertoesbaby and my leslie’s offers sites along with other avenues for earning cash. Fortunately, this is going well for me. However, I didn’t want to leave my 9-5 team mates in the lurch, especially now, when we/they are going through a challenging time there. You know, I don’t think I’ll go into all of the gritty details, but suffice it to say that I reached the end of my rope–the point where I couldn’t take working in that environment anymore, not matter how much I truly like my teammates.

So, I made the gutsy decision to quit and plan to work only on social media, which I LOVE!

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to tell my boss. Of course, my boss wasn’t so happy with me to say the least. But, I knew it was the right decision because my health was being affected negatively, I had no time or energy for my family. And I was miserable. Sounds trite, I’m sure, but it was THE TRUTH.

I had already spoken to my husband about this. And I texted him to tell him. We were both a bit nervous.

I mean, really, was I brave or dumb, lol!

Well, about 24 hours passed and I was in a meeting with my team. Turns out they REALLY didn’t want to lose me, so they offered to let me work part time and work from home some. Well, this was the perfect solution that would give me steady income while I also increase my online income, so that I can make the transition from one to the other when I’m ready.

I think that this experience was meant to happen exactly as it happened and turned out ideal. I literally got out of my cubicle and into the life that I really want for myself and my family. I’m HAPPY!

I might not advise everyone to quit their job, but maybe if you have opened other avenues for your self, and listen closely to God, or the energy around you, or yourself, or whatever it is that you believe in, you will hear and know when it’s time to make that brave move. If you’re a round peg, don’t squish yourself into that square hole. Trust and find out what else is out there for you. That’s what I’m doing and now, I am making room for myself in this world, to breathe, stretch, be creative, and really fulfill who I am meant to be.

This is my perspective. There are so many other perspectives out there. Where do you fit in? Think about it. Feel what’s going on around you. Don’t do what I do necessarily, but maybe open your mind and imagine what’s just above the horizon. This life won’t go on forever. Stretch your self and see how much space you really need.

Leslie Jones has two B.S. degrees in Philosophy and Psychology from Guilford College, and an M.S. degree in Technical Communication from North Carolina State University.