Blog of Horror – Post 1

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Are you a horror freak? Well, I’ll admit, I am. I don’t know why, but I love the supernatural, horror, good vs. evil; everything but slasher films. That’s gratuitous and what’s the purpose of that except for feeding some fetish. Okay, if you have a fetish, that’s fine. I suppose everyone has some kind of fetish. I just don’t like the slasher fetishes.

So what’s your favorite horror movie? I’m not sure what mine is, but I do like “Stigmata,” and “Darkness.” In one, good wins. In the latter, it looks like evil has taken hold, but I always have hope. 🙂

So, sometimes I wonder why I’m so interested in this to begin with (hey, I guess it’s my fetish, or at least one of them, if I have others, I’m not sure). Maybe it’s the super powers that both darkness and light seem to have. Maybe it’s the weird creepy-crawly people on the ceiling or the invisible people or creatures under the bed. Or what about that weird old photo in Darkness–you know, the one with the eye glasses that looks like they can’t see through them.

On the other hand maybe it’s the blazing fire that seems to want to cleanse everything around it when Patricia Arquette is in the bed at the end of the movie and the priests are trying to exorcise her and get the saint-priest soul out of her. It seems strange that fire would come from God, but then again….

Anyway, try this for all kinds of films.